Cost-Return Analysis of Sugarcane Cultivation of Farmers in Rangwai Subdistrict,
Phanom Thuan District, Kanchanaburi Province

Thitiporn Prapho, Sirirat Chengseng, and Kwannaree Klaprabchone


This research aimed at studying and comparing the cost and return on sugarcane cultivation of farmers and in Rangwai Subdistrict, Phanom Thuan District, Kanchanaburi Province. The sample consisted of 130 households and only one family member of each household participated in this study. A questionnaire was used as the research instrument, frequency distribution, percentage, and mean were used for statistical analysis, and paired sample t-test of inferential statistics was selected for hypothesis testing. The results showed that the cost on sugarcane cultivation was at 3,886.01 THB per rai (1,600 square meters), the cost on direct materials was at 515.58 THB per rai, the cost on direct labor was at 1,903.07 THB per rai, the manufacturing overhead was at 1,467.36 THB per rai, the net profit was at 2,231.05 THB per rai, and the net profit margin ratio was at 36.47%. In addition, the hypothesis testing pointed out a higher return compared to the cost of sugarcane cultivation, at the significance level of 0.05.