Use of Dynamic Knowledge Creation Model in Big Data Management for Driving Thailand’s 4.0 Community Development

Natt Makul* and Preang Kitratporn


The purpose of this research was to determine whether the use of a dynamic knowledge creation model (DKCM) in big data management drive Thailand’s 4.0 community development. Thailand’s 4.0 is an economic development program based on transformational strategies, which are innovative and creative oriented. The study discovered that dynamic knowledge generation through big data procedures has driven economic growth in both developing nations (like Thailand) and developed economies, like America. Therefore, it is an engine of Thailand’s 4.0 community development. The findings showed that DKCM is a fundamental determinant in Thailand’s economic growth because it facilitates knowledge conversion into practical strategies through the SECI framework for explicit and tacit knowledge resources. The model was found to use a knowledge management system to promote communities of practice through the recognition of essential facilities for creating a knowledgeable workforce. The essential tool for development in the digital world is the Big Data, which helped in sensing and seizing opportunities for Thailand’s 4.0 economic growths. The dawn of BD has shown great improvement across the world and economies are using it for competitive advantages in development and smart living trends. The research concluded that DKCM in big data management is driving Thailand’s 4.0 community development due to proper knowledge management, use of innovation, creativity, and technology.