For Corresponding Authors

The corresponding author who intends to submit the manuscript to the SCD journal has to follow the following processes:

   1. Read the submission guidelines  and prepare the manuscript prior to submission.
​   2. 
Go to the login form to login to the on-line submission system   and then complete the submission form.​

   3. Once the author completes the submission, author may receive an automatic confirmation email for confirming the submission.

   4. The author can follow the progress via the on-line system by using login and password (notification of acceptance would normally provide by an email no longer than 2 months since the date of submission).

 For any other enquiries or questions, please contact: info.scdjournal AT 

For Reviewers

At least 2 reviewers are required for evaluating each submitted manuscript while 2 acceptances from 2
(or more) reviewers are required for each successive manuscript in order to be published in SCD Journal.
The reviewer would have a request from the Editor-in Chief for reviewing a paper for the SCD Journal via
an email. The reviewer then could follow the following processes:


    1. Go to the On-line Registration, click “Accept” the review and then complete the registration form. 


    2. Once reviewer finishes the registration, reviewer will receive the login and password via an email that is provided in the on-line registration system.

    3. Review the paper and return a review using the On-line Review System within 3 weeks since the date of delivery.
    4. Reviewer will receive an automatic reply email for confirming when completed the on-line review system.
For any other enquiries or questions, please contact: info.scdjournal AT