Author Guidelines 


1. Language

    The language of the manuscript must be in standard and formal English, including grammar and  punctuation.

2. Length and Format

    Please download the manuscript template                    to adhere to the following guidelines:

         - Times New Roman, 12-point font

         - Maximum 14 pages

         - Double-spaced, including footnotes and references 

         - A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm) page layout with 2.5 cm margins

         - Submit as MS Word and PDF files.


3. Title Page

    Authors should provide a title page which is a separated page before the text.



         - Should be concise and informative.

         - Avoid abbreviations and formulas.


    Author’ names and Affiliation

         - Indicate the given name and family name clearly.

         - Provide information of the authors’ affiliation under the names using a lower-case superscript letter                   after the author's name and in front of the appropriate address.

         - Provide the author’s full postal address, including country name, e-mail address, and telephone   

           number, if available.


    Corresponding Authors

         - Indicate the given name and family name of a person corresponding at all stages including refereeing,

           publication and also post-publication.

         - Provide the corresponding author’s full postal address, including country‘s name, e-mail address, and

           telephone number, if available.

    Sponsoring Information

         - Provide funding sources and sponsors, if any.

4. Abstract and Keywords


         - Length 100-300 words

         - Briefly state purpose of research, key results, and major conclusions.



         - Provide 1-8 keywords below the abstract.

         - Use specific terms. Avoid general concepts.

         - Avoid plural terms and overlapping concepts.

5. Content

         - Do not mention authors or affiliations in the main text to ensure a full double-blind review.

         - Subdivide articles using numerical format:

                i.    1, 2, 3…

                ii.    1.1, 1.2, 1.3…


6. Tables and Figures

         - Present tables and figures at the end of the article.

         - Provide captions.

         - Articles will be published in color.

7. References and Citations

         - Follow the latest guidelines on the APA style for references and in-text citations


         - Unpublished results and personal communications may be included in the text but should not appear

            in the references.

         - References “in press” indicates that the item has been accepted for publication.